In it's truest simplicity I believe life is all about finding our happiness.  To many this involves building and maintaining meaningful relationships, having experiences that bring joy to your heart and following your dreams.  True Simplicity Photography is one of my dreams.  Fun facts about me... I love unsweetened iced tea and hot tea with a bit of honey.  I bake too much, knit too little and live in a constant state of shopping yet I love love love the idea of a minimalistic lifestyle.  I'm a mommy, wife, photographer and registered nurse.  Grab a cup of tea & enjoy yourself while you look around... okay bye see ya!



We live in Maine but we're not Mainers because we're from away!  Seriously, my all-time favorite place is right here right now in East Waterboro, Maine because it is our home, and there's no denying that our adopted home is stunningly gorgeous which does not hurt, not one bit.  Even with the gorgeousness though, nothing can stop us from being a tiny bit homesick for our family and friends in New York.  Especially Western New York because how could you not miss beef on weck, the Buffalo Bills, chicken wings, Lewiston and East Aurora?  (and this is such a short list!)  If we know you from NY please swing by Maine this summer and we'll show you around & if we know you from Maine let's take a road trip!  (Bar Bill, anyone?)