Winter in Old Orchard Beach, Maine

cloudy winter off season old orchard beach maine oob pier


old orchard beach maine ferris wheel cloudy winter off season


It’s been a very mild winter in Maine this year and it’s a lot of fun to head to Old Orchard Beach on these nice days.  It doesn’t even need to be sunny, it’s still warm enough to be completely tolerable.  It’s absolutely lovely to walk around enjoying ourselves without the huge crowds of Old Orchard Beach in the summertime… of course nothing is open, not even a bathroom, but we love it just the same!

If you have a chance to visit any part of Maine in the wintertime do not hesitate for one second!  There are still plenty of things to do, places that are open and beautiful spots to spend some time relaxing.  Old Orchard Beach is very much boarded up as are most of the coastal towns but it’s amazing to be the only one gazing out at the ocean all alone on the beach.  There is nothing like it!

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